Denplan Care

Denplan Care - Monthly Dental Payment Plan
Category A
£15.00 month
Category B
£22.64 month
Category C
£26.93 month
Category D
£34.40 month
Category E
£42.00 month

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials - Monthly Dental Payment Plan

Denplan Essentials is an easy budgeting plan that covers you for the foundations of your dental care, helping to stop problems before they start.This plan covers you for your regular check-ups, x-rays and hygienist visits, as well as including worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Supplementary Insurance).

Denplan from Simplyhealth Professionals

• Denplan Essentials includes mandatory supplementary insurance. This provides cover towards the cost of treatment required as a result of a dental injury or emergency

Category A
£10.24 month
  • 1 Appointment every 12 months
  • 1 Exam (per year)
  • 1 Scale & Polish (per year)
Category B
£14.72 month


  • 1 Appointment every 6 months
  • 2 Exams (per year)
  • 2 Scale & Polish (per year)


Category C
£20.21 month


  • 1 Appointment every 3 months
  • 2 Exams and Scale & Polish (per year)
  • 2 Intermediate Scale & Polish (per year)


Denplan Children

children_denplanPlans for Children is a great way of ensuring that your child’s oral health is monitored. Your child’s dentist will agree with you an individual dental plan that focuses on preventive dentistry by providing regular check-ups. The dentist will regularly check teeth for early signs of decay or any abnormalities that may occur ensuring that your child’s teeth are treated quickly.

By choosing Plans for Children you can spread the cost of your child’s regular visits to the dentist and hygienist. It means you can budget for their regular oral care and ensures they have regular access to a dentist when they need it. Other benefits include hospital cash and worldwide emergency cover.

Category A
£8.18 month
Category B
£12.27 month
Category C
£20.91 month